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Maya Gleetour Hotel Wuhan OCT

The Maya Gleetour Hotel Wuhan OCT by the Overseas Chinese Town Group Co to invest in the construction, a large central enterprises, overseas Chinese town group under the SASAC directly management at the beginning of 1985,Maya Gleetour Hotel Wuhan OCT overseas Chinese town group from the Shenzhen Bay, a beach started, after 28 years of construction and development, adhere to the market orientation, conceived a people-centered sustainable development road, now the group's total assets of more than 100000000000 yuan, the annual sales income of nearly 50000000000 yuan.Maya Gleetour Hotel Wuhan OCT management is OCT International Hotel Management Co., Ltd, Oct International Hotel Management Company Limited has a series of brands from the boutique business hotel chain to platinum five Stars Hotel,Maya Gleetour Hotel Wuhan OCT is the leading hotel management and consultancy services, while the development of the professional hotel management company of battalion business boutique hotel chain - City Inn.